Cloud faxing as an economical means of faxing

Back in the days, the only means of sending or receiving fax was by hooking a fax machine to a dedicated fax line. It implied that a lot of capital and time needed investing in setting up the materials and gaining the ability to send or receive documents. Today Gmail fax pro has generated a brand new online service that has been of much assistance to people by enabling one to send and receive documents quickly, easily and importantly making it cheaper. Cloud faxing has been considered to have advantages on both traditional and manual faxing with no disadvantages. With the help of cloud fax, you just need an electronic device with an internet connection to transfer data and a form of receiving devices to the end-user (computer, smartphone or tablet). Some of the reasons why cloud faxing is considered more economical include;002


Manual faxing requires you to feed the fax machine with a page to page document and wait for the received document to be printed out. Also one has to be more sensitive to ensure the document is not disrupted by anyone else. Cloud faxing is more flexible in that, a file is sent straight to an email inbox, in one folder, ready to be viewed by a recipient at a click of a mouse.


With the use of traditional fax machines, capital is required for ink and paper. After a forced production of physical printed copies, they are later secured and locked onto cabinets or drawers for a safe keeping exercise. These printed copies needed space for storage which is considered to be much costly. Cloud faxed documents are electronic documents that can are obtained and also stored in an electronic format. This makes it much easier to use and store hence being more cost-efficient.


Every document that is sent via cloud fax is enciphered during processing and transfer. A measure that makes it almost impossible for a person to gain access to private documents. Even if the send date was hacked by a third party, it would be enciphered making it impossible for anyone to understand.

003Fast/ Quick

The use of cloud fax is faster compared to traditional fax machines. Documents are processed and transferred via the cloud fax without being changed into a different format.

This vividly indicates that the use of cloud faxing is more considerable than the traditional faxing and the manual fax machines. Today most of the businesses are increasingly abandoning the manual fax machines and turning to cloud fax method for a secure data transfer needs.

Ralph Rodriguez