Benefits of E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is perhaps the most cost-effective direct marketing method, enabling marketers a degree of targeting along with the luxury of full tracking and analytics to measure and tweak results. By allowing direct delivery of targeted marketing message to voluntary recipients, an email marketing campaign can ensure business owners a solid ROI and deliver high-margin revenue. Anik Singal is one of the most respected names in this industry. The following are benefits of email marketing:


1. Email marketing is very inexpensive

yynnbbbvvxxzzwqEmail marketing is far less pricey than other forms of Web advertising, such as banner ads, Pay-Per-Click ads or Search Engine Optimization campaigns. Some email marketing specialists sell campaign packages for as low as one cent per message. Remember, just as with banner advertising, the direct sale is not always the most important issue. Just promoting your name with the public and introducing new products can go a long way.

2. Email marketing reaches targeted customers

Usually, banner ads and SPAM ads have little to do with customer targeting. On the contrary, professional email marketing is offered via an opt-in arrangement to customers that have already shown an interest in the keyword subject. Many of these customers have already bought products or services similar to what you offer or even directly from you. Customer retention is just as important as acquiring new customers, so you can certainly see the value of email marketing.

3. Email marketing allows web traffic data to be traced and analyzed

With sophisticated applications, you can keep track of your audience as well as their viewing patterns. You can follow the success of your marketing campaign by taking notes on how long your audience waits to delete the message, how many times they click and if they forward it to other users.

4. Email marketing creates a constant dialogue between you and your customers

Email marketing creates a dialogue between you, the seller, and your Web viewers, whether this is in the form of a continuous newsletter or a sales pitch. It is important to keep the communication flowing, or else your customers will quickly lose interest in your company. This applies for newly interested customers as well as long-term customers who frequently buy from you.

5. Email marketing is environmentally-friendly

jjkkjjjkjkjkkNobody likes the idea of trash mail. Green living people sure hate the idea of trees being cut down for worthless paper, and individuals across American sure aren’t happy when they have a mail box full of useless advertisements. Email marketing makes everyone happy. These messages are easy to read, easy to load, easy to delete and easy to reply to. You as a seller can also save on expenses that come from mailing out paper advertisements and postage.

There are many benefits to email marketing. It’s all simply a matter of creating an effective marketing strategy and then using email to get your most important points across.