A Guide To Buying Rangefinders

Rangefinders were designed so that they help the average golfer get to know more about golf. It helps in providing accurate distance readings of the objects. They use a laser to help in achieving this. The rangefinder works by shooting an eye-safe laser at the main target which could be the flag and measuring the time taken to ensure the laser bounces off from its target back to the rangefinder hence determining how far the target is. This, in turn, helps in strokes elimination for the holes. Here is a guide to buying rangefinders.

Important aspects to consider


This is an important consideration of the rangefinder. A good rangefinder is one which can provide accurate readings and pinpointing distance. They come with various ranges with the high-end ones having moiriueuewuwuwuwre yards accuracy.

The magnification

This is the monocular magnification which helps in the enlargement of the appearance of things. Magnification is necessary since it scales up visuals to enable more details to be seen hence increased resolution. It is important to note that image magnification doesn’t change the image perspective. A good rangefinder has seven times the magnification.


The rangefinder’s quality should not be compromised. This is why it is advisable to buy a rangefinder of the well-known brands. The magnification also plays a major role when it comes to quality this best selling rangefinder. Other important things to consider include the lens size. The more advanced models make use of proper technology which makes them be of high quality.


This is dependent on how big the rangefinder is. Some appear large hence difficult to keep in the hand while the golfer’s play. Matters of conveniences also involve the battery type. A good rangefinder should take less time to recharge hence work for longer. A low battery rangefinder is almost useless to the golfer.

Advanced functions

One should not settle for the ordinary rangefinder. They should go for one with additional functions. Some of these functions include measuring the elevation changes and all the other factor that may affect their shots. Another great feature is the slope. Some of these features like the slope should be disabled during a competition since they are not allowed.


iurueueuiqqiqiqiBudgeting is necessary when making any purchases to avoid buying something that is way beyond what could be afforded at that particular time. One should not be limited by the budget when buying a good rangefinder. Quality is expensive so set up your budget with this in mind. Having a flexible budget that will compromise on the money to get quality will help with these. When setting the budget they should also be considerate since not all the money will be used to buy the rangefinder, there are also other accessories that ought to be taken care of as well.