Top Attributes Of The Best Dab Torch

If you still love marijuana dabbing gigs with friends in a wood cabin somewhere by the lakeside, then you will confirm that using the best dabbing torch gives the best experience ever. So, whether it has all the best drawings of any marijuana legend or just plain black shade, your main concern is more on the output rather than the colors. However, many attributes define the best dab torch, and this article will highlight the popular and useful ones.

Characteristics of the best dab torch

Variety of sizes

dfgdfgdfgdfgfdgWell, sizes determine the capacity and trust me you, no one wants to be cut short half way through the fun. More so, if the gig is out of the city, no one wants to drive back to buy more tank for fun to continue. Therefore, a dab torch with variety in sizes allows you to select the convenient size without a hitch. Those people who are mostly into dabbing will either need a big can of gas or will have to move around with a couple of cans. I consider a big size as a better option for convenience.

The nozzle output matters

The nozzle technology determines a couple of things you need to know. One, it will determine the out fire output in term of intensity and the size. Since no one is looking for a flood of fire to burn all the substance at ones, a regulator will do the magic and enable users to enjoy their marijuana. However, one can be sure that most of the dab torch particularly the modern ones will serve them best.

The other attribute of the nozzle is the noise level. While some low-quality dab torches make a lot of noise almost to be confused with a waterfall in the house, the best ones are surprisingly quiet. Choose one that does not make any noise which can lead to poor experience.

Butane vs. Propane

fdgdfgdgdgdfgWhich is better between the two? Well, each has its pros and cons. Thus, the choice of which to take is debatable, and people may have different preferences. If you are looking for a clean fire output, then you are better off with a butane torch. However, it will not be as hot as the propane. So, one can choose the gas of their choice. For starters, it may be difficult to note the difference, but with time, the two commonly used gas will clearly display their differences to you thus making marijuana dabbing a better experience.